I made my first post on maritimeequestrian.wordpress.com in July 2014, and regaled stories of horse shows, schooling rides, lessons learned, and more. I gave advice, I made jokes, and I got tons of shares, likes, followers, and more from the articles I posted. I took a brief hiatus to focus on the barn, and when I returned to make my first post of the new year, everything was gone. My posts and formatting remained, but nothing would post, no analytics information would display, and it seemed that my beloved blog had bitten the dust. Very, very sad.

And so here we are, Horsehair & Textbooks II, the new and improved version of its predecessor. I hope you all will follow along just as (if not more) intently, register for email updates like you had before, and enjoy the new content in this new space.

Like I said, all of the posts that had been posted on maritimeequestrian are still visible (to my knowledge), so feel free to go back and reread your favorites any time you’d like. I may occasionally repost the most popular articles here in an effort to put everything in the same place. [Comment on this post if there’s one in particular you’d like reposted!]

And so without further ado, welcome to the new Horsehair & Textbooks.