Horsehair & Textbooks II

balancing full time school with full time horses is a full time job


January 2017


My journalism professors here at USC are constantly preaching that as students of the media, we need to be continuously consuming it. I agree with that; I consider myself well educated in the way of the world, what's going on... Continue Reading →



I've never really been one to make New Year's resolutions, beyond your run of the mill drink more water, eat healthier, and stop binge watching Netflix when you're supposed to be doing homework. I think the reason for that is... Continue Reading →

What happened to maritimeequestrian?

I made my first post on in July 2014, and regaled stories of horse shows, schooling rides, lessons learned, and more. I gave advice, I made jokes, and I got tons of shares, likes, followers, and more from the... Continue Reading →

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