Horsehair & Textbooks II

balancing full time school with full time horses is a full time job

Dealing with Fear in the Saddle

I think back on things I did with horses as a kid and sometimes I wonder how I'm still in one piece. I think about all the times my friends and I tried to ride the mini ponies with a... Continue Reading →


Five Ways to Get Your Riding Back on Track This Winter

The windchill was 15 degrees when I woke up this morning in "famously hot" Columbia, South Carolina. I rolled out of bed, groaning the whole way, and proceeded to put on two pairs of pants, three top layers, wool socks,... Continue Reading →

Highlight Reel

Flashback ten or twelve years... I'm riding in the passenger seat of a Ford F-150 bored out of my mind on the way to the barn as my dad listens to talk radio. I'm imagining my horse, Logan, and me... Continue Reading →

You Can Be Anything

...but not everything. Two years ago, I wrote that quote on a pink post-it note and stuck it on my full length mirror in my off campus apartment. It served as a small reminder that I needed to take time... Continue Reading →

Southern Summer Must-Haves: Rider Edition

The time has finally come: my finals are all finished, my fate has been sealed. It's time to forget about school, throw the textbooks to the wind, and dive head first into a summer full of riding, showing, and learning.... Continue Reading →

Southern Summer Must-Haves: Horse Edition

I don't use many products on myself. I use Rodan+Fields skin care, Sun Bum sunscreen and lip care, and OGX haircare. That's pretty much it. You could say I'm low maintenance...until you saw the unbelievable amount of products I have... Continue Reading →

Trending to The Top

I've posted before about my voracious consumption of equestrian media, with Noelle Floyd being my favorite outlet. NF Style is my go-to, and I often spend the hours between my second and third classes on Mondays and Wednesdays catching up... Continue Reading →

Riding As a Team

When I was in grade school, I played basketball and volleyball for my small private school. I enjoyed the sports, the friendship of my teammates, the travelling and the competing. Eventually, as I got more serious in my riding, I... Continue Reading →


My journalism professors here at USC are constantly preaching that as students of the media, we need to be continuously consuming it. I agree with that; I consider myself well educated in the way of the world, what's going on... Continue Reading →

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